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Matthew Ladders “World’s Safest Ladders” ™ are Made by the Working Man for the Working Man ™ At Matthew Ladders, Inc. we are proud of our innovative, creative team. We strive to produce products that will provide residential and commercial users with exceptional value, the highest safety standards available and unsurpassed quality for years to come.

Matthew Ladders, Inc. is also the home of Safe Ladder™, Safe Step™, Safe Tray™ and Safe Paint™.

Safe Step™ quickly and securely fastens to the ladder step or rung of most aluminum and fiberglass ladders. Our unique design provides a safer and more secure step while using your ladder. The Safe Step™ can help reduce fatigue and help alleviate your back pain, by keeping your skeletal frame in line unlike conventional ladder steps. By reducing fatigue and back pain, it also promotes safety. Safe Step™ gives the user a sense of comfort and added security.

Safe Tray™ easily and securely fastens to the side frame of most aluminum and fiberglass stepladders frames. It adds rigidity to any ladder and provides the advantage of having your tools and supplies at your fingertips; in other words it provides a complete and reliable workstation. Safe Tray™ also reduces the likelihood of tools and supplies falling off the ladder when you need to move from one spot to another. This innovative accessory is made of galvanized steel that ensures years of use along with the promise and security of additional safety for any consumer.

Matthew Ladders "World's Safest Ladders"™ are believed to be the Safest Ladders in the World and are endorsed and approved by medical doctors and ladder users in both residential and commercial applications. These patented, exclusively designed ladders can help minimize loss of productivity and may help reduce your overall insurance costs. These innovative ladders are coming to your local retailer or distributor near you very soon...

Matthew Ladders "World's Safest Ladders" TM, Safe Step™, Safe Tray™, Safe Shelf™, Safe Paint™ and “Made by the Working Man for the Working Man™” are all registered Trademarks of MATTHEW Ladders, Inc.

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Matthew Ladders "World's Safest Ladders"™, Made By the Working Man for the Working Man™, Safe Step™, Safe Tray™, Safe Paint™, Safe Cap™ and Safe Ladder™ are all registered trademarks of Matthew Ladders, Inc 2013.